CoilStore® belt flap

Storage system with system cassette

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Coil storage by forklift mandrel is carried out in special, high load-bearing, age-resistant and permanently wear-resistant coil belts, which flexibly adapt to any coil diameter.

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CoilStore® Belt bearing system

Coil storage by forklift mandrel is carried out in special, high load-bearing, age-resistant and permanently wear-resistant coil belts, which flexibly adapt to any coil diameter.


An innovative solution for your coil storage. Make optimum use of the height of your production hall or warehouse and do not sacrifice either work safety or user-friendly material handling. The patented load suspension offers you advantages in the daily handling of your load. Each coil is supported on two heavy-duty load-bearing belts, protecting the surface. This creates an optimal surface load and avoids pressure points. Due to the flexibility of the belts, the coil is supported positively at any diameter. The welded upright-foot beam construction ensures optimum load distribution on the ground. As a result, bay loads of up to 150 tonnes can be realised. The open shelving fronts make your stored goods accessible from both sides.

Advantages at a glance

  • Removal of the coil load evenly distributed over a wide area, thus gentle coating pressure-avoiding storage
  • Pressure marks, surface injuries and flattening excluded
  • High storage density, as without shelf supports, insert frames and wooden pallets
  • Universal concept for coils up to 20 t and 2,000 mm strip width
  • Shelf dimensions can be designed according to requirements
  • Operation by forklift truck and carrying mandrel
  • Storage on 2 heavy duty belts
  • Patented coil take-up load belts
  • Flexibly adaptable to different coil diameters


  • Single tower or as a row of towers
  • Almost all bandwidths and lengths
  • Double-sided use possible
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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welded foot beams:

  • permanently secure the vertical position of the shelf columns ⇒ unlimited functional guarantee
  • Replace field assemblies at risk of destruction by forklift forks.
  • optimise load distribution over a wide area even with low floor quality

extended tower rails:

  • for free entry of the pallet into the compartment-high distance between the tower rails
  • for placing the pallet angles on the tower angles in front of the pallet front even when the forklift/pallet is in an inclined position
  • For collision-free insertion of the pallet, guided angle-on-angle, optimised by entry slopes
  • for an excavation of only a few millimetres when removing the pallet from storage
  • Shelf heights pluggable for adaptation to changing useful heights

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highest bearing density in tower bearings
  • Convenient storage thanks to Drop & Push Patent
  • Angle-on-angle guide for additional safety
  • Shelf heights can be changed as required thanks to plug-in grid
  • Hot dip galvanising increases durability

Coil belts

Monitoring and testing of slings made of man-made fibres (100 % polyester) must be carried out at least once a year by an expert (qualified person according to § 10 BetrSichV). Depending on the conditions of use and the operational circumstances, further inspections by a competent person may be necessary in the meantime. Due to the stress on slings, it is strongly recommended to set shorter inspection periods than once a year. Slings made of man-made fibres are to be observed for obvious defects during use. If defects are found that impair safety, the slings must be withdrawn from further use. Slings made of man-made fibres that are contaminated with aggressive or other substances that could endanger their use must be carefully inspected and, if necessary, tested, e.g. by the manufacturer. Lifting slings made of man-made fibres as slings do not have an expiry date if used as intended and inspected regularly. There is no specified maximum service life according to DGUV 209-061.

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