EuroTower® sheet metal storage standard rack incl. euroFLAT® system standard pallets

from 4.334,00

The efficient symbiosis of ArmStrong® and euroFLAT® as a progressive alternative to cassette systems: Easy on the budget and the environment Shelf dimensioning and production according to RAL-RG 614 and DIN EN 15635 with 2-fold safety against breakage and a permissible deflection of L/200.

Sheet metal storage in a nutshell - wood-free right from the start - protects the environment, space and time - provides safety for storage and transport - creates clarity, order, cleanliness ... with 20 mm undersize in length and width as well as concealed insertion pockets for push-in stops ideally suited for loading on cut-to-length lines with pusher technology and automatic sheet metal pick-up; incl. 4 push-in stops as 3-sided anti-slip device for safe forklift transport and exact positioning of the sheet metal package.

2-column large format EuroTowers with a shelf load of 2.5 t are also universally suitable for small and medium format EuroFLATs.

Delivery: Free delivery within Germany, self-assembly according to instructions