Sheet metal manipulator for sheet metal storage drawer and system pallets

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The vacuum traverse in comfort version

  • Load capacity 750 kg
  • Overall height 350 mm
  • Own weight 130 kg
  • Special ergonomic design with special handling functions for special ergonomic use. Use on drawer systems with integrated crane technology (plunge ram stroke 95-150 mm adjustable / crane hook no. 1)
  • alternatively for use on overhead crane (up to crane hook no. 2.5 => overall height + 110 mm)
  • Optionally, the operation of all crane functions can be integrated into the tableau
  • UVV tested

With 6 spring-loaded and articulated soft-lip suction plates Ø 320 mm (standard hose material allows unproblematic replacement if necessary), as well as integrated compressor system (independent of compressed air) suitable for horizontal transport of smooth, dense, lightly oiled sheets. Each suction plate can be locked individually and adjusted in x- and y-direction to accommodate smaller formats and residual sheets, even those with existing cut-outs. The operating handle, which can be angled and telescoped upwards and downwards from 0° to 180° in a 22.5° grid, with electrical release on the panel, contains the particularly user-friendly multi-function panel (suction, ventilation against sudden drop, lifting, lowering, DBGM sheet separation aid). The machine allows ergonomic removal of any sheet size from the bottom or top drawer in a comfortable operating position from a standing position. Control and power supply are provided by a tear-proof spiral cable in double function (load chain inside the spiral cable). Avoid multiple rotational movements of the unit that could be dangerous for the operator.

  • Tableau opt. for electr. crane control
  • opt. Water separator device

*) Anti-adhesion device briefly causes the unit to vibrate with a specific characteristic (frequency/amplitude) which is suitable for separating the sheets adhering to each other in the thin sheet area.

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