Sheet metal storage interchangeable shelving for wooden pallets

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Sheet-metal storage drawer system for rear or front storage of sheet packs on wooden pallet (or euroFLAT) and front single sheet removal. The flexible changing system at a low price. Ideal supplement to ArmStrong® Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Storage Standard Shelving for Wooden Pallets.

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Assembly: swing-in block-mounted / fixed part-mounted

Extension to the MasterTower TT-Rotation consisting of:

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TwenTower® The world's best-selling sheet metal bearing.

TwenTower®storemaster® Original from 1998 - an investment for generations.

Sheet-metal storage drawer system with retractable pull-out runners, opt. lockable, high load-bearing, permanently lubricated block hinges fix the swing-out walls permanently in their height position, permanently step-free rail transition between block and swing-out rails, as welded - not screwed! Safety at work according to international standards, system assembled ready for operation - optional pull-outs electrified. Uprights in torsion-resistant L-frame construction for permanent perpendicularity => 20-year functional guarantee; automatic locking devices secure the rest and working position of the drawers without manual operation of mechanical locks for drawers with a payload ≤ 2,000 kg; push-spring servo patent facilitates the extension of heavy-duty drawers with a payload ≥ 2,500 kg.

Sheet-metal bearing pull-out system with retractable pull-out roller cheeks, permanently step-free rail transition between block and swivel rails, as welded - not screwed! Uprights in torsion-resistant L-frame construction for permanent perpendicularity => 20-year functional guarantee - an investment for generations.

Functional safety with retractable pull-out side-panels:
The roller and flange guides on the running surfaces of the runners alone reliably secure the drawers against falling without additional BG-compliant measures in case of additional lateral forces (e.g. forklift impacts). Strong magnets automatically fix the swung-out pull-out drawer runners in their 90° position without the need for BG-compliant mechanical-manual locks.

The storemaster® - Rolling comfort for systems with compartment pull-outs.
Each interchangeable trolley runs in 8 bearings in special smooth-running ball bearings on chromated solid steel flanged wheels (no lightweight sheet metal housing rollers or ball bearings misused as wheels) with double axle bearings safely and without tilting on hot-dip galvanised (10 times more abrasion-resistant than painted surfaces), smooth running rails without dirt pockets, as there are no upturned or folded edges. Perfect fall protection with automatic function in accordance with UVV (accident prevention regulations) with swivel-in design. Special heavy-duty precision block hinges with permanent lubrication ensure a permanently heel-free rail transition into the pull-out area with retractable pull-out side-panels - durable and maintenance-free.

Occupational safety and accident prevention (occupational health and safety) according to international standards:
storemaster® fulfils the following UVV occupational health and safety requirements which cannot be remedied by rectification, without which commissioning of the product permanently endangers the BG insurance protection: Exclusion of human error due to failure to operate safety devices:

  • automatic Fixing of swung-out roller rail walls without manual brakes
  • automatic Support for swung-out roller rail walls without manual brakes
  • automatic Tilt protection of the roller runner walls against drawer fall-out
  • Self-acting drawer fall protection through automatic locking Between pull-out runners and pull-out drawer

without loss of rolling comfort - without manual locking device

TwenTower® unique selling propositions

  • Convenient package storage instead of sheet by sheet with patented PalEx depalletiser, thanks to the storemaster® Drawer deep-web frame construction (invention from 1995) with anti-shift sheet-metal package embedding
  • TwenTower® heavy-duty drawer systems are suitable for all storage variants => optional change from storage without wooden pallet to storage incl. wooden pallet and vice versa.
  • Safety devices adjust automatically when the system is operated in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV) and are therefore not subject to arbitrary manual operation, i.e. they can be missed.
  • Automatic fixing of swivelled-out roller rail walls to precise 90° (adjustable) by means of strong magnet adhesion - in turn releases automatically when swivelled in without locking bolts, etc.
  • L-shaped support roller elements running with the drawer for automatic support and anti-tilt protection of the swung-out runner walls after taking up the drawer load without manual bottom locking - supports safety against drawer falling down
  • 100%-ige drawer fall protection by automatic wheel flange groove forced guidance patent (DBGM) without arbitrary (missable) mechanical operation by the operator.
  • Automatic self-releasing locking devices secure the rest and working positions against unintentional drawer movement without manual operation mech. locks
  • Runners without dirt pockets made of durable, dimensionally stable solid steel (no bent sheet metal), abrasion-resistant hot-dip galvanised, running surfaces ground, welded to the upright (not bolted) for a permanently step-free rail transition between block and swivel rail area and the only perfect drawer fall protection with automatic function according to UVV
  • The shaped steel patent upright in torsionally rigid L-frame construction (DBGM) - no portal ! - with welded foot beam load distributors (storemaster® trademark) alone ensures the permanent perpendicularity of the stud frame columns as a guarantee for a temporally unlimited, unrestricted functionality of the system without diagonal cross field bracing, which is what makes the static stability verification for the single- and double-sided design without field bracing possible in the first place.
  • High load-bearing, permanently lubricated heavy-duty block hinges for permanent fixation of the swing-out walls in their height position.
  • Precision twin wheel axle suspension for permanently tilt-free running comfort
  • Mitre cut between the rail joints for a shoulderless, gliding roller transition
  • Particularly low pull-out force with high drawer loads without aids (crank, etc.)
  • Push-spring servoPatent facilitates the extension of the heavy-duty drawers
  • Drawers can be removed individually from the system for changing the useful height
  • Heavy-duty solid steel flanged castors, running surfaces ground, chromated with double ball bearings
  • Storage density with up to 25 drawers at approx. 2 m pull-out height
  • Combinable sheet metal and bar stockers with pluggable compartment subdivision
  • Drawer pull-out > 100 %
  • UVV-secured push-through protection for double-sided version and 13 drawers with a load capacity of 3 t each at a pull-out height of approx. 2 m (manual incorrect operation is impossible).
  • OverheadTop attachment block can be retrofitted without subsequent adaptation effort
  • OverheadTop attachment block with cantilevered storage levels for easier insertion of the forklift fork, height adjustable in a 75 mm plug-in grid, can be operated from both sides - optional for cassette storage
  • Electrification up to 10 t / pull-out storage level - max. 13 drawers (storemaster® Patent)
  • System with retractable roller-rail pull-out walls, block-assembled ready for operation
  • Operational and functional safety in accordance with the guidelines of the RAL-RG 614 Quality Association.
  • 20-year functional guarantee

Flag sign for patented shelf labelling adjustable to viewing angle € 15.00 / pc.

Football Association for installation without ground anchors on interlocking paving stones, asphalt, etc.
Bracing elements in the floor area stabilise the stability and counteract statically relevant shelf deformations caused by forklift impacts

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