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Large format - 3.0 t - 11 levels
SheetMetalNormRegal Universal


Standard sheet metal storage shelving as a sheet metal package boltless shelving system Shelving dimensioning and manufacture in accordance with RAL-RG 614 and DIN EN 15635 with 2-fold safety against breakage and a permissible deflection of L/200.

Delivery: free delivery within Germany
Self-assembly according to instructions
Execution: one-sided
Sheet metal format: 3000 x 1500 mm
perm. shelf load (gl.v.L.): 3.000 kg
Number of storage levels: 11
top storage level: 3300 mm
Number of stands: 3
Arm length: 1500 mm
Arm spacing: 1000 mm
clear shelf height: 180 mm
Subject grid: 300 mm
Special equipment: Foot bar bracing for installation without ground anchors on interlocking paving stones, asphalt, etc.

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Heavy duty cantilever racking ArmStrong® BN-Universal

The classic storage technology adapted for sheet metal packages. Benefit from standard dimensions and standard weights. Our cantilever racking convinces with flexibility and load capacity. Tried and tested, yet innovative. Thanks to the plug-in system, cantilever racking is one of the most flexible systems on the market. The shelf height can be changed with just a few handles, so that the right compartments are always available. Each arm is hot-dip galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461 and therefore extremely resistant to abrasion and weather.

Sheet metal storage standard shelf for sheet metal packages on Wooden pallet or without pallet, Patent socket bolt-system with positive locking, i.e. easily detachable, tool-free adjustable shelf support safety suspensions (no wedging or jamming); safety projection 2°, Semi-circular solid steel edge protection on foot beams and shelf supports, shelf supports height-adjustable in 75 mm plug-in grid, shelf upright with push-through safety device, locked against overload due to misuse, static design, deflection and increased tilt resistance in accordance with RAL-RG 614 of the Gütegemeinschaft für Lager- und Betriebseinrichtungen (Quality Association for Storage and Operational Equipment), floor surface pressure < 50 kg/cm², foot beams with dowel straps for on-site floor anchoring (tilt-resistant without tensile anchoring on the ground through exclusive storemaster® Construction features - simple dowelling only against displacement, alternatively foot beam diagonal bracing completely without dowelling), uprights painted to RAL 5002 ultramarine blue, bracing chromated, shelf supports hot-dip galvanised against abrasion to DIN EN ISO 1461, including floor anchors, assembly and operating instructions, as well as system type plates with manufacturer and shelf data in accordance with BG regulations. Quality assurance in accordance with RAL-RG 614 quality and testing regulations.

In order to guarantee the stability of cantilever racks of the usual design, a tension-resistant floor anchorage must be provided. This requires a suitable floor condition, which is very often not given accordingly.
This circumstance is storemaster® by constructive measures that ensure tilt resistance even without any floor fixings.
However, the shelving should still be secured against shifting by fork-lift truck impacts, e.g. by means of simple drop-in anchors. If the condition of the installation surface does not allow for this satisfactorily either, it is more difficult to storemaster®-The shelving components can be significantly dodged and deformed by forklift impacts.
Only in outdoor areas with roof and wall must the installation be carried out on concrete slabs or appropriate foundations in accordance with the building regulations, as here a tension-resistant ground anchorage is mandatory due to the wind and snow loads that occur.

● Flag sign for patented shelf labelling adjustable to viewing angle € 15.00 / pc.

Flag sign

● Footbalance association for installation without ground anchors on interlocking paving stones, asphalt, etc.
Bracing elements in the floor area stabilise the stability and counteract statically relevant shelf deformations caused by forklift impacts

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