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Shelving systems for sheet metal and long goods

Sheet metal and long goods storage systems for efficient material storage

Pioneers in storage technology since 1967

storemaster® designs, plans, constructs, produces and installs your storage solution for sheet metal and long goods from the hands of specialist engineers in the highest quality on the market and with a 20-year guarantee.

Smart sheet metal storage design and unique heavy duty racking systems for sheet metal, coils and long goods.


ArmStrong® BN
Universal-Blechlager für Holzpaletten und euroFLATs®

Blechlagerregale als Stecksystem. 2-Ständer-Großformat-Türme eignen sich universell auch für Klein- und Mittelformat-Paletten. Solider prof. Stahlbau, statische Auslegung, Regal-Dimensionierung und Fertigung nach DIN EN 15635 mit zul. Durchbiegung von l/200 und 2-facher Sicherheit gegen Bruch.
Regalaufstellung ohne Bodenanker auf Verbundstein-Pflaster, Asphalt, etc. durch storemaster® Konstruktionsmerkmale möglich.

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25 years PalEx®classic 1998 - 2023

For a Convenient depalletising, loading and unloading of system palletsmovable by means of heavy-duty swivel castors; diagonal cross with 400 mm high, infinitely adjustable punches incl. hard rubber push-on rods Ø 100 x 40 mm to avoid pressure marks on thin sheets; hot-dip galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461 for outdoor use.

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Sheet metal storage product of the month - TwenTower
Sheet metal storage product of the month - TwenTower

Sheet metal storage systems

storemaster shelving systems and storage technology - 100% made in Germany.

All storemasters® Products become
100% made in Germany.

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Storage technology in sustainable packaging - Blue Angel

Sustainable packaging
More than 1 million trees are felled across Europe every year in order to use their wood to transport a one-off package of sheet metal from A to B. Does that have to be? [storemaster] says no and invented a load carrier that remains permanently in use without being renewed or disposed of.

RAL Environmental Quality Mark

RAL Environmental Quality Mark
The Blue Angel is the oldest eco-label and one of the most renowned quality labels in the world.
Since 1978, RAL has been the Sole awarding body of the Blue Angel.

10-year guarantee on highest product quality from storemaster

Highest product quality
We are completely convinced of our storemaster products not only in terms of content, but also in every other respect. That's why we grant a 20-year guarantee on all [storemaster] products. 

Creditreform Creditworthiness Certificate 2020

A strong partner
The storemaster GmbH & Co. KG. is one of the 2% of German companies that have been awarded the "CrefoZert" creditworthiness certificate for exceptionally good credit standing. Creditreform thus certifies that our business conduct is impeccable and the prognosis for the future is positive. Your perfect business partner!

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